Quel mémorial après un attentat de masse ? Trois capitales européennes face au même défi mémoriel

> Par Truc, Gérôme
> Paru le : 28.01.2018

Since the terrorist attacks of January and November 2015, Paris is facing the same memory challenge as other European capital cities before her, consisting in knowing how to create a memorial to publicly mark the memory of mass attacks perpetrated by Islamists. To date, only a single commemorative tree has been planted in the Place de la République in memory of those killed in these attacks. Will this memorialization a minima be sufficient in the longer term? Might it not be necessary, in the near future, to build a new, monumental, memorial elsewhere? And if so, where? In order to shed light on these questions, this article proposes a detour through Madrid and London following the path of the memorials created in these cities in remembrance of the terrorist attacks of 11 March 2004 and 7 July 2005.

Key words: terror attacks, Paris, London, Madrid, memorial, commemorative tree, commemorative monument.