Tisser les mémoires, les liens, les communautés

Entretien avec Eve Zucker mené et traduit de l’anglais
par Stéphanie Benzaquen-Gautier le 6 novembre 2017

For the past twenty-five years, anthropologist Eve Zucker has conducted research on the aftermath of mass violence in Cambodia through the lenses of social memory, morality, the imagination, trust, and everyday practices. In the interview, she discusses her fieldwork in the commune of O’Thmaa, northwestern Cambodia, in the 2000s (she writes about the experience in the book, Forest of Struggle: Moralities of Remembrance in Upland Cambodia, published by the University of Hawaii Press in 2013). She describes the memory practices of the villagers trying to rebuild their community in the post-Khmer Rouge era. .

Key words: anthropology, memory practices, rituals, village, community, O’Thmaa, liminality, social bonds, reconstruction.