> Par Rousselet, Cécile
   Paris-3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, Littératures comparées/Paris-IV études slaves
> Paru le : 02.03.2017
The organization of memory in urban planning is an intricate phenomenon. The institutionalization of memorial structures is handled by the center which is endlessly challenged by the cities’ margins which trigger new discussions around the legitimacy of an « official memory”. An analysis... Suite

> Par Stern, Laurent
   Rutgers University, New Jersey Social and Political Philosophy, Aesthetics
> Paru le : 12.02.2017
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The author relates his rescue from German occupied Hungary in 1944 together with 1684 Jews aboard the Kasztner train that would lead him from Budapest—by way of a five months stay in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp—to  Switzerland. It is about the loss... Suite

> Par Barjonet, Aurélie
   Université Versailles Saint-Quentin (Centre d’Histoire culturelle des Sociétés contemporaines)
> Paru le : 29.12.2016
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LUCIEN’S BIG BROTHERS, OR MAX’S LITTLE BROTHERS? SOME FIGURES OF COLLABORATORS IN FRENCH CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE. This essay attempts to analyse three novels portraying young French collaborators during the Second World War, three novels which have been released every two years since Littell’s The Kindly... Suite